The Billion Dollar Mistake by Daniel Beeker

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. I was wondering if there is any way to calculate how much dielectric space one would need for a given power level in power supply design? Or is it merely a matter of those calculations he performed in Part 5 of his seminar “Feeding the Beast”?

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Joe Witkowski

I use the calculator I provided. The impedance is defined by the dielectric thickness and trace width.

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure we were ever given the calculator. Is that available to those of us who took the course?

I shared it in the thank you email I sent the day after the class. The link to the tool and other documents is in that email. I’ll send it again.

Got it. Thanks!

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Lucy should have forwarded it to you.



What PCB design software do you, and your team use? We use PADs at my company and I thought I heard you mention you use that and may be working on some new tools with them. Does my memory serve me correctly? And if so, can you share any information about the new tools PADs may be offering?

Joe W.

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NXP uses Cadence tools. One of my service bureaus uses PADS. I am not aware of the new version or its merits.

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