Hello world & couple of tools questions

Hi all,

my name is Tobias, newbie here and with Sierra, also a newbie regarding hardware. I’m coming to hardware from a software developer career, so pls be patient / forgiving;)

I’ve got a “couple of questions”, so I’m here to ask for any hints / help, which would be much appreciated!

rgd “hello world”, let me add a bit more color: I’ve got a ton of and broad experience in SW in various fields.

I got into SW a “long time” ago at early age. I’ve been socialized when computers were 8 bits with 2kB RAM. On the CDP1802 (the “COSMAC Elf”), which funny enough is still available, “rad hardened only”, because of the “app level”:wink:

I am also a huge OSS fan and contributor (oberstet (Tobias Oberstein) · GitHub, https://wamp-proto.org/), and also a big privacy / security advocate.

anyways. now I became interested in creating my “own hardware”, and that HW will have PCB antennas, so I got into openEMS and EM modeling/simulation, and knowing basically nothing about RF, that was quite a ride;)

But at this point I now have my antenna working in the openEMS FDTD simulator, with configurable PCB stack, and I want to get a real PCB prototype manufactured, measure and verify using a VNA.

One question that I have rgd the Sierra impedance calculator: Is there a flavor for Double-sided Parallel Stripline (DSPSL) designs?

Apparently, this seems to be the name (not sure though) for what I’ve been doing for the feed line in my planar/printed LPDA to hit 50 Ohm at the feed line entry point, which is for a 2-Layer board:

I have used the Broadside Coupled Stripline calculator, but this doesn’t really fit and match results from openEMS.

Related, as hinted above, the antennas will be on separate boards, and I want to use a 2-layer stackup for those.

I found one manufacturer that does affordable 2-layer prototype PCBs with one thin (760um) core substrate (PTFE Teflon) and low Dk (~3).

Which is almost ideal. It does have ENIG, not Silver Immersion, but I guess I can live with that technically, and price is also relevant.

Does Sierra have sth similar - for PCB prototyping?

Another question is about

“Learn about our KiCad quote plugin thread”

I am using KiCad, and I’d love to give it a try. Being able to push designs from within KiCad, and have it verified by Sierra, and also price-quoted would be great!

However, I do get

“Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Well, enough for a 1st post;) As said, any response appreciated!

Have a nice day, cheers,


Hi Tobias, thanks a lot for joining SierraConnect! Let us get back to each of your query. :slight_smile:

You can check our KiCad plugin here: https://www.protoexpress.com/kicad-quote-plugin/

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Yes, I’ll get someone from our team to reach out to you. You could either get a quote through our KiCad plugin or here: Order Online PCB Manufacturing and Assembly | Sierra Circuits

Hi Lucy, thanks for the quick reply, for the KiCad plugin link, and the ref to your team! I’ve got the plugin downloaded and will give it a try. Cheers, /Tobias

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Nice, let me know if you need assistance with it. Our team is ready to help!

Currently We do not have Double-sided Parallel Stripline (DSPSL) in our impedance calculator list.

Thanks for clarifying!