Webinar: Copper Foils for High-Speed Digital Applications

This webinar will be presented by @michael.gay, Director, High Performance Products with Isola.


  • Copper manufacturing process
  • Industry naming conventions and IPC
  • New copper foil developments
  • Copper roughness, the rest of the story
  • Ultra smooth copper challenges and trade offs
  • Importance of bond treatment

Level: Intermediate

You can watch the recording here: Copper Foils for High-Speed Digital Applications | Sierra Circuits

Is there a zoom link for this webinar? I’m unable to find a way to join.

Please click this URL to join. Webinar Registration - Zoom
Passcode: 115078

unfortunately cannot join, the link does not work for me

Are you on your company computer? Is it possible that Zoom is blocked? Maybe try from your personal laptop.