Schematic design

Hello, this is my first post on this fourm. Do we have people here working on schematic design and pcb layout ?

Yes, we do. What’s your question?

I have seen in some designs that analog reference ground plane is separated from digital reference ground plane. I guess this is to isolate digital switching from analog plane. But do we need to connect them together at one point in the PCB, normally near connector, is that correct ?

If you separate the two planes completely then the usual method is to either tie them together directly (at some appropriate place, like the input connectors or tie them together with a ceramic capacitor (or sometimes a small resistor).

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Yes, I also have seen another design layout in which they have two via near the main power connector with a text on the silkscreen that short them with 1.6 mm diameter lead. I did not find this in schematic but in the layout design they have it. Thanks again for reply.

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