Plugin version 4.1 not compatible with KiCAD 7.0.9

Sierra Plugin version 4.1 is not compatible with KiCAD 7.0.9 (latest). Can the software team provide a quick solution for the error in the picture below? Looks like the GetEffectivePolygon() function has changed after KiCAD’s latest update and requires the python script to be updated. Hoping for short term fix so KiCAD users don’t have to wait for another release of the plugin in order to generate quotes.


Hi Joshua, thanks for reporting this! Our team will look into it.

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Our KiCad plugin product manager says they have been following up on this issue from a week with the KiCad developer who has agreed to fix the broken GetEffectivePolygon() in the next KiCad version 7.0.10.

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