Ask Me Anything with Petr Dvořák (KiCad edition)

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Is it possible to export ODB++ file?

Is there any way to prioritize different rules written in the rule section? In KiCad, we noted priorities are not being implemented, like the first writing rule having high priority compared to the below ones. Is there any way to set a higher priority?

Is it possible to set backdrilling setting with controlled depth in KiCad?

Is there any way to apply filter and select all track having 8mils width and change their width to some other value, in single click?

Is it possible to auto fan out a BGA in KiCad?

Is it possible to create a rigid-flex PCB in KiCad? Does the tool allow to create two sets of stack-up structure each for rigid and flex section of the PCB?

No, I am sorry. It is not possible. Only Gerber and extended Gerber X2 formats are possible.

I am not aware of the explicit way to prioritize design rules. The only priority that can be mentioned is the footprint design rules that override the global board design rules.
For example, Pad clearance and Solder mask expansion of the footprint override the global Board Setup options.

No, unfortunately, it is not possible. You can use micro vias and blind/buried vias but there is no backdrilling setting connected with them.

No, there is no single click way. The only way is to open the .kicad_pcb file in a Text editor and edit the file.

Each trace segment looks like this:

(segment (start 162.3 114.7) (end 163.1 115.5) (width 0.5) (layer “F.Cu”) (net 0) (tstamp 083c745a-ae91-4370-8bbf-f59783a7ad6d))

I am not aware of such an option or plugin. There were some notes about a plugin for auto fanout, but I didn’t make it work.

There is no option for that. You must edit the Physical Stackup in Board Setup with all layers. Then, you must create a drawing with a description for a PCB manufacturer marking rigid and flex areas. It can be done in User.Drawings or similar layer and exported as PDF in the Plot tool.