HDI Fabrication Problems, Quality Control and Reliability Issues by Happy Holden

What you will learn:

HDI definitions, types and markets: Not all HDI products are the SAME!

History of HDI: It helps to understand why HDI was developed in 1982

HDI fabrication problems and issues: Some of the hurdles

  • Via formation mechanical and laser drilling quality- scoring quality in various materials
  • Metallization desmear, electroless copper, direct metalization and semi-additive processing
  • Imaging and etching achieving fine lines and spaces, controlled copper etch
  • Electrodeposition improved throwing power, enhancing through hole and microvia plating
  • Reliability issues
  • The use of coupons

How to develop a robust HDI process: Tools HP and others used for reliable HDI

HDI future: Ultra-HDI and next generation: Moving to Ultra-HDI and the new 3D HDI architecture

Additional references and reading: Free eBooks on HDI

Appendix of useful tools: Engineering Statistics Handbook

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The Additional references and reading link doesn’t work :frowning:

Oops… Sorry about that. I emailed Happy about it and will keep you posted. In the meantime, you can browse our HDI Design Guide.

Here’s the link: eBooks :: I-Connect007