Ask Me Anything with Al Neves

Post your questions about high speed, SI analysis, jitter, etc. in this thread and Al will reply on March 6th!

THIS IS NOT A LIVE EVENT. You MUST post your questions ahead of this event so Al can type in the answers.

What new mode conversion problems start showing up north of 40 GHz? Have any of them been a surprise / unexpected?

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What questions should we ask Al?

  • In terms of routing, what practices do you follow to ensure good signal integrity?
  • How do you mitigate issues like signal reflections and crosstalk in high-speed designs?
  • What considerations do you have when working with different PCB materials to ensure signal integrity?
  • How do you build your stack-ups for high-speed designs?
  • Can you elaborate on the importance of signal integrity simulations and analysis?
  • How do you handle power distribution network design to support high-speed components?
  • Can you share your approach to thermal management in high-speed PCB designs?
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