RF Trace Routing and Connector Selection

In my current PCB design project involving signals up to 6 GHz, I’m considering implementing through-hole SMA connectors similar to the ones shown below:

I’m curious about the potential impact of routing RF traces on the top layer of the board, particularly regarding the center contact of the through-hole connector protruding to the other side. How does this compare to using edge-mount connectors?

I’ve searched for advice on this matter but haven’t found much information besides USB 3.0 application notes suggesting that superspeed traces should be routed on the opposite side of the board when utilizing through-hole USB 3.0 connectors.

Your insights on this would be greatly appreciated!

If you look close you’ll see there is metal removed in this design to allow the traces to go right in to the center conductor. Mounting them on the other side works very well also.

End-launch are a little more costly but easier to use overall with improved RF specs. So it’s your standard “cost versus performance” trade off. For my projects I like the end-launch I admit.

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