Reballing BGA Packages:

I attempted to fix a short circuit on a BGA package but ended up in a situation where some of the solder balls are left on the BGA, some on the PCB, and some are missing entirely. I don’t have replacement solder balls or a stencil to reball them. Instead of waiting for new solder balls or attempting a manual reballing process, I’m considering soldering the pins directly to the PCB pads by preapplying solder to the pads and using hot air.

I’m unsure about the purpose of the solder balls. Do they simplify the soldering process? Is it feasible to solder the pins directly to the PCB pads without the balls? Between waiting for replacement solder balls or attempting direct soldering, which approach is recommended?

Another option is purchasing a new IC for $20, but I’d prefer to explore alternatives if possible.

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We can reball the BGA or buy a new part to replace it. Let us know how you want to proceed.

Our assembly team mentioned that if there is a $20 alternative part, it makes more sense to purchase it. If you’re prepared to move forward, we are capable of re-balling BGA internally.