Introduction to SiERRA

Hello, I just recently joined and would like to receive a copy of the book “Bogatin’s Practical Guide to Transmission Line Design and Characterization for Signal Integrity Applications”.
I am a Electrical Engineering Student in Toronto. Thank you.

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Thanks for joining SierraConnect!


My name is Jacques-Antoine Goormachtigh and I am new here. I work as an EMC Design Engineer for 20 years. I work at Valeo in Bietigheim, Germany in EMC lab. There new sensors and systems for autonomous driving are developped and tested. We need for sure everytime prototype PCBs during the development phase of our products for validation and optimisation. PCB and layout are key for EMC performance. That is why I will be really happy to exchange with you.

I heard that you can share the eBook from Eric Bogatin, which I am really interested in to read it. I will be really glad to read it.

Hope to hear from you,

Best regards from Bietigheim,

Jacques-Antoine Goormachtigh

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Hi Jacques-Antoine, thanks for introducing yourself! You might want to check out our January seminar with Dan Beeker on EMC: Billion Dollar Mistake by Daniel Beeker | Sierra Circuits


My name is Corey Barnes.  I am an Analog Engineer with a background in RF.  I am currently in charge of various mixed signal PCB designs.  My latest focus has been improvement of my companies manufacturing process.
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Welcome Corey! We have a live Q&A tomorrow on prepregs and laminates in case you have questions: Ask Me Anything with Paul Cooke


I am R&D engineer at Advantest focus on Thermal Control. I just joined Sierra Comm.

I would like to check the ebook from Dr. Bogatin.


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Hi Sonny, thanks for becoming a member!


I am an Hardware Design Engineer and have used Sierra Circuits’ PCB services in the past. I have participated on a few of your webinars too.
I would like to get a copy of Dr. Bogatin’s eBook on Transmission Line Design and Characterization. Thank you very much.

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Hello Marco, welcome to SierraConnect!


I’m a graduate student in applied physics with a background in analog and digital circuits. I’m interested in learning how to better design custom PCBs for high performance test equipment to measure our experimental devices. I would like to read the ebook from Dr Bogatin and see what insights it could give me into the design process.

Thanks, Reed

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Hi Reed, welcome to SierraConnect!

Hello, Mike here. Introduction. Electrical engineer in the avionics / eVTOL design area.

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I am interested in wireless sensor networks and tiny spacecraft. My expertise is in IC and MEMS design.


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