Integrated decoupling capacitor

Can I use IC packages with integrated decoupling capacitors in my design? Is it cost-effective?

You can definitely use integrated capacitors. In some unique situations they might be noticeably worse than selecting one and often may be better (the vendors know their chips). I’d have to say they are probably equivalent with the addition of making the path shorter, so feel free to use them.

The placement of decoupling caps depends on the application. For many small high-frequency chips, it is necessary to have the caps closer to the rails, and some even place the caps inside the package. However, for larger and lower frequency applications, it is not cost-effective. One of the main concerns is the amount of space needed. If these large caps were placed on the silicon, the circuits would be very large. It is much more practical and cost-effective to keep the decoupling caps off the chip and let the user decide how to route them. This approach is not only cost-effective for manufacturers and designers but also for the users.

Yes, you can use them, but these are often considered luxury features. Market demand shows that most customers are reluctant to pay extra for such additions. From the manufacturer’s perspective, integrating capacitors adds complexity to testing and quality assurance processes. Additionally, this integration can make the part less flexible, making it less appealing to the market.