IGBT_TO-247N Leg bending recommendation

One of my design we are using IGBT TO-247N ( PN: RGS80TSX2HR ) package with Horizontal mounting (leg bended with 90 degree

) wanted to know the typical leg bending radius recommendation and minimum and maximum pending angle.

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1 x lead diameter is the minimum, 2 x lead diameter is preferred.

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Check this.

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Thank you very much, i would like to know the purpose of

this wide angle bending.

The one thing you don’t want to do is try to bend the lead right up against the end of the component body. That leaves NO room for a radius and could eventually cause the lead connection to the component body to fail from heating/cooling stress cycles. It also means there is no room for error in specifying the distance between the component leads.

IPC-A-610 Rev D 2000
Section 7.1.2 Component mounting and lead forming.
States: Leads for through hole mounting must extend at least one lead diameter or thickness but no less than 0.8mm (0.031in) from the body, solder bead or lead weld.