PCB Design for Assembly Checklist: 9 Important Checks for Layout Engineers

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Here’s a PCB design for assembly checklist you can refer to before you proceed with the assembly process. This includes key considerations such as PCB footprint design, component placement, soldering considerations, solder mask checks, BOM assessment, testing, and panelization. By integrating these DFA checks into your design workflow, you can optimize your layout designs and ensure a streamlined PCB assembly process, reduced costs, and superior board quality. Highlights: Footprint design: Component footprints should align precisely with the datasheet measurements to prevent dimensional discrepancies Bill of materials: Verify part numbers, descriptions, and manufacturer details in the BOM Component placement and spacing:…


I am designing an HDI board with a 2V operating voltage. Does the recommended 1.6 mil clearance between the solder mask and pads apply here?

What soldering process do you recommend for through-hole components?

For your HDI board with a 2V operating voltage, you can reduce the mask-to-pad clearance to 1.2 mil.

We prefer pin-and-paste soldering for through-hole components. This method eases the soldering process by minimizing the solder volume and facilitating the efficient placement of small components, especially in HDI designs. Additionally, it contributes to temperature control during the soldering process.

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Can also be called PCB Release Checklist. Or PCB 101
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