Ask Me Anything with Steve Bray

Ask us your questions about PCB mass production and our own expert Steve Bray will answer on Wednesday November 22nd!

Can you send the same design files you used for your prototype boards for high-volume fab? (taking HDI with 2 sequential lam. and microvias)

Please explain ESG risks.

Do you prefer certain formats for manufacturing data?

Do you have design rule files that you share with customers so we have the correct and most recently updated design rules?

What type of testing do you do for mass volume? Do you conduct as many tests as when you build prototypes?

Hi Steve, what is considered high volume in PCB production?

Hey Steve, could you talk a bit about Sierra Electrotek? Where we are located, what we offer, who we work with, what certifications we have…

Yes, we produce using the same files as long as there has been no revision changes…

Hi Alex. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk factors are the issues that can affect the sustainability and profitability of a company. These factors include climate change, human rights, diversity, and other social and environmental concerns. It governs where do we purchase our materials, how do we control waste, what are we doing to promote equality, how do we become more inclusive etc.

Hi Johnkl,

We create or use IPC netlists generated from your data and test all net ends and mid points using a flying probe. Full isolation and continuity are performed as well as impedance testing if required. All using the same net list be it prototype or mass production. We test the same.

Hi Mark,

Yes we do. I will ask our coordinator to send you the latest guidelines or you can also find the information on our website. Thanks for your question.

Hi PerryC,

I have attached a link which shows all the preferred formats we can use.

Hi Ravi,

In our Sunnyvale location, we specialize in prototypes which is traditionally less than 5 production panels (18x24 inch), In our Wisconsin facility we accept anything over 5 panels unless it’s a qualification build. True mass production is usually characterized as 100 panels or more so to summarize: Less than 5, Proto 5 -100 Medium, 100+ Mass.

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Hi Mark,

The link will get you started, we will send more details information as a follow up.

Hi Lucy, Sure.

Sierra Electrotek was founded in 1968 and is located in a state of the art 58,000 sq. ft. facility in Oak Creek, Wisconsin just minutes away from Milwaukee’s international airport. We are a bare printed circuit board manufacturer focused on high reliability and high technology for commercial, aerospace and military markets. We supply rigid, flex and rigid-flex products as well as PTFE, Rogers 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 material sets.

Sierra Electrotek is AS9100, NADCAP and MIL-55110/31032 certified. We manufacture HDI microvia technology as well as high layer count controlled impedance up to 30 layers. Sierra Electrotek also has the capability to manufacture with heavy copper and build buried capacitance products. Our expertise includes high-reliability medical, military, and aerospace technologies.