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Hi Matthew, can you please provide guidance on choosing connectors for high-speed data transmission?

Do you offer customization options for connectors to meet specific design requirements? If so, what is the process for requesting custom connectors, and what are the associated lead times?

Hello, I’m an aerospace engineer. How do Samtec connectors perform in challenging environmental conditions – like in terms of temperature, humidity, or vibrations?

Could you please provide info on power ratings and considerations for power delivery?

Hi Matt. Do you know if Samtec has connectors with built-in shielding features for applications requiring EMI/RFI protection?

There are lots of details that soomeone needs to consider. Are these single ended or differential pairs? What data rate are you trying to achieve? Is there a protocol like Ethernet or PCIe involved? Which interconnect style are you looking at: mezzanine, backplane, front panel? Do you need SMT or through hole? There are more details to consider.

In any case, the Samtec Solutionator is a great to start your search.

The short answer to this question is yes. Here are some blogs we wrote on the topic:

Great question. A number of our standard Flexible Stacking connectors work well in Mil/Aero and Space applications. Several of our solutions have already been tested in a rad hard environment.

For more details on all this, please visit the following sites:

Again, the short answer is yes. We do offer customization options for our connectors. The questions really becomes what sort of customization do you need?

This site should help:

Please e-mail as well for more information.

In short, Samtec offers number of power connectors. We also have a blog that covers this topic in detail:

Hi! how does one join the call/presentation? or ir this samtec event justa a forum post?

I can’t wait to see what Questions and Topics we can get!

Ask questions on the forum. I will fire away with responses as best I can.

Forum post. You can post your question here and Matt will answer.