Ask Me Anything about RF Materials

Do you need help choosing materials for your RF applications? Whether you wonder about fabrication challenges or low losses, we understand the importance of finding effective solutions.

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Do you have a tool that would estimate the insertion loss for a specific laminate over frequency?

Our Impedance Calculator tool calculates insertion loss (per inch in dB ) and total insertion loss (dB) for the selected Trace geometry. you can also see the separation of losses in terms of conductor loss and dielectric loss (per inch).
You choose a specific laminates from the material table and choose it’s dk df values based on height.
The following example is for a 50 Ohm Coated Trace Geometry

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I use I-Tera MT40 cores on the outside on current designs. I will need to use fine pitch BGAs soon. What prepregs would you suggest to use for a HDI combined RF and digital design?

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With I-Tera MT40, you have a prepreg that is the same resin type and the same glass composition. Same with Astra MT77.

So the quick answer is use the prepreg that belongs to the same resin system than the core, and you will end up with a dielectric as homogeneous as possible that will work for all these HDI type of stack-ups.