Webinar: Optimizing PCB Transmission Lines to Reduce Signal Loss


  • Calculating the signal speed and propagation delay in transmission lines
  • Transmission line losses and ways to reduce them
  • Strategies to ensure signal integrity and the controlled impedance in transmission lines
  • Significance of critical length and shortline
  • Sierra Circuits’ PCB design tools:
    • Transmission Line Reflection Calculator
    • Bandwidth, Rise Time, and Critical Length Calculator

Date and time:

Wednesday January 24th, 2024
10:00 AM PT

Hi, how to join the call? the registration email did not had a link.


Hi, due to a last minute conflict, we unfortunately had to cancel this webinar. I sent an email with the slides yesterday. Let me know if you haven’t received it and need me to send again.

please send them :slight_smile:

Done. Let us know here if you have any questions. Our experts will answer them.