Webinar: Best RF Design and Layout Practices

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Are you familiar with creating invitations, i.e. providing links that automatically put webinar link in agenda ?

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We do send confirmation emails with Zoom links and calendar invites. You’re the only one who hasn’t received them. Your company server must be blocking our emails.

Hi, a collogue and I also did not receive the invite. Can that information be forwarded? Thanks!

Sent. Have you received it?

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Just received thanks

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I also received the invite thanks!

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I did not receive the confirmation for tomorrow’s Webinar.

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How to access webinar ???

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What does it mean ?

What time your webinar is scheduled ?

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The webinar has already started.

Passcode: 748028

The webinar link does not work.

That’s because the webinar is over. I will send the slides and recording soon.

Ok. Thanks!

There was a question in the Q&A: Why were S21 and S12 not identical for trace without via? Shouldn’t it be same?

Having asked this question myself years ago, the answer why S12 and S21 do not look the same is due to 2 reasons (one really, but two subsets). Since the match of J1 of the DUT can never be absolutely identical, the mismatch loss will be different and it comes as a loss on top of the insertion loss due to copper and dielectric. Secondly, since the matches are not identical then the impedances they are mated with will reflect a better or poorer match, again affecting the overall insertion loss.

Had this perfectly explained (more, experienced) when a defective step attenuator was given to me to troubleshoot and repair. Now a step attenuator almost always exhibits this phenomena so it’s easy to see, but keep in mind these are normally very small differences, maybe a tenth of a dB. So when I got an attenuator that was showing say, 2 dB in one direction, and 8 dB in the other direction, I was intrigued. No way should it be like that. Ultimately I found that one of the PIN diodes that switched that attenuator section in or out of the through path was in fact a varactor diode. As the power through the diode changed, it’s capacitance changed, therefore mismatch and shunt losses changed (for the worst of course).

The weirdest part was that we didn’t use varactor diodes in any products and there were none known to be anywhere in the facility. One lone varactor leaped the fence at the manufacturer’s production line and got shipped to us.

Hi Luci,

Yesterday’s RF layout event missed.Could you send presentation data for me.