Recommendations for weave density patterns

When choosing the stack-up materials for a PCB design, there are a variety of fiberglass weave densities to choose from, from those of a more loosely spaced rectangular weave pattern to a more square tightly spaced pattern.

Do you have any recommendations (preferably based on ranges (e.g. 1GHz – 10GHz as a starting reference of signal speeds) for which weave density patterns to choose or avoid?

The most important criteria to decide on the glass yarn selection is the impact on glass weave skew or fiber skew. This is an issue at 10 Gbps systems and above. If your application is for lower data rate or bandwidth , don’t worry about this effect. The glass yarn is more about cost and finding the thickness you need or about wear and tear on the drill bits.

If you do worry about the glass weave skew problem, then choose a yarn which has the most uniform density. 3313 has a wide, flat, high glass density yearn, for example.

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