PCB Design rules

Where can I find a list of standard design rules for PCB layouts?

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Based on your requirements, you can check our blog, knowledge base and design guides.

Hello. Dear,
In the paper, there is a guide to applying the serpentine design to the angled part when it exceeds 15mm. (High-Speed PCB Design Guide, 2020)
Can you tell me where the 15mm standard came from?
If you reply, I think it will be a good point for developing simulation and design guides.

Are you referring to this part of the design guide?

This is what I saw in the reference document. If I add one more thing, I’m curious about the background that led to 15mm.
Is 15mm related to operating frequency? (F=1Ghz, RAMDA=15mm) So if it exceeds 15 mm, are you considering Si problems caused by skew, delay, jitter, etc.?

I’m not sure where it came from but it is a reasonable number, in fact implying fix it within 1/2 inch or so of where it happened.

thank you for your answer. within 0.5inch.


The 15 mm value in this document is not a standard but rather an example to demonstrate the concept of length matching. The actual values for length correction and bend-to-bend distance are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the design requirements.

Typically, the compensation should take place close to the point where an impedance mismatch may occur.