Is Silkscreen water resistant?

I had a coworker recently comment that he noticed PCBA silkscreen becoming smeared when it was exposed to water. This is not part of a cleaning process but instead part of field failure analysis.

This seems odd to me as we commonly water wash many PCBAs and this has never been pointed out. I would expect silkscreen to water durable when cured and wonder why this might be happening?

This is strange and shouldn’t happen. No idea what ink was used but my guess would be it wasn’t cured properly or was expired.

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Steve, Thanks for the verification. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing something.

Hi Tim. I mentioned this to Sierra’s solder mask manager and he also says it is not normal at all for silkscreen to be smeared after it has been cured.
It’s water resistant, yes.

He’s asking if you have pictures.

I do not have images as it was reported to me by a coworker. I will feed back the responses to the coworker. Thanks again.

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