Introduction - Hi from Mexican PCB Designer

Hi All, Thanks to Sierra Circuits and the team.

I am a PCB Designer, most of experience in the automotive hardware design.
I’ve been an EE, PCB designer and Library creator.
From Mentor BoardStation, Xpedition, Zuken CR8000, and Altium Designer.
Done products for Infotainment, instrument clusters, passanger safety and restrain, Radar and Cameras, 4x4 drives and axle selectors.

Currently learning abour the needs for a 400v and 800v board design requirements and constrains.

Greetings from Mexico, currently writing in top of my donkey, sipping tequila and warming my burrito for lunch.

The offer for the Boggating’s book is quite interesting. As well as all the calculators and tutorials already in the SierraCircuits page.

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Hola Alejandro, can you send some tequila our way? :cocktail:

You know what? This made me laugh so much that not only will I send you the ebook, but I will also give you 30% off a seminar of your choice if you’re interested. Offer valid through Dec 31st, 2024. Check our events page on a regular basis.


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