How to Reduce Your PCB Assembly Cost

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Maintaining the highest quality standards in boards while simultaneously reducing PCB assembly costs can be an ongoing struggle for designers and manufacturers. In this article, you will learn some advanced techniques for reducing circuit board assembly costs without compromising the integrity of the final product. Highlights: To reduce the PCBA cost: Clearly define component boundaries. Prefer SMDs as they are compatible with automated assembly. Choose standardized passive components such as 0201, 0402, 0603, and 0805. Opt for RoHS-compliant components. Global and North American PCBA market projections (2023-2029) The PCB assembly market is expected to grow significantly. This is driven by…

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How does the choice of surface finishes impact the overall cost of circuit board assembly?

How can the choice of panelization technique impact the overall cost of PCB assembly?

Surface finishes range in cost, cheapest will be HASL or lead free HASL. It then increases from Enig-Enepig-Soft/Hard Gold (the more gold needed the higher the cost).

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To stay lower cost, let Sierra panelize the job. We currently have a customer who is trying to panelize to maximize the space for lower cost, but it’s leading to warpage.

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