Board outline tolerances

What are some standard tolerances for board outlines, I think 10 mils is standard is that true? I believe this is routed out what are some tighter tolerances that you can get? Can you laser out the board for a tighter tolerance? Also, does this depend on stackup, number of layers and/or board thickness?
Austin S

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Hi Austin.

Our callout for mechanical routing is +/- .005” for standard product and +/- .003” for advanced and micro. We can hold +/- .002” for special applications but this takes special tools and set-up so more cost. Also need to see the job before committing to this. Controlling router bit deflection is a big issue in holding tolerance so board thickness and layer count can dictate what diameter router bits are required. Laser routing has a much tighter tolerance at +/- .0005” but it’s best for the board thickness not to exceed .032” due to the focal length of the laser beam. Let me know if you have any questions.