5 PCB Trace Termination Techniques to Reduce Signal Reflections

Originally published at: https://www.protoexpress.com/blog/pcb-trace-termination-techniques-to-reduce-signal-reflections/

PCB trace termination is crucial for maintaining signal integrity in your designs. Unterminated traces can lead to issues like impedance discontinuities, signal reflections, crosstalk, and increased power consumption. By strategically placing termination resistors at either the source or load, impedance mismatches can be balanced out. This approach ensures efficient signal transmission and reduces potential problems. Highlights: Properly terminating traces ensures consistent impedance, minimizing signal distortion at the transmitter and the receiver end. Series termination involves placing a resistor in series close to the source to match the driver’s impedance with the line impedance. Parallel/shunt termination involves placing a termination resistor…

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