Seminar: PCB, Enclosure and Cabling Design to Control EMI by Rick Hartley

Date and time:

March 14th and 15th, 2024

From 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific time

Location: This event will be hosted online via Zoom

Early bird price through January 31st, 2024: $495 (then $595)

Items discussed are:

  • Energy movement in PC boards and how to control it
  • Driving factors behind frequency in digital and analog circuits
  • Common grounding problems that lead to EMI
  • Improper use of planes in a printed circuit board
  • Proper design and termination of transmission lines
  • Routing techniques that cause EMI and how to avoid them
  • Why some commonly used PCB design techniques cause EMI
  • Component placement to prevent EMI
  • Cross talk in single-ended lines and differential lines
  • Proper setup and routing of differential Pairs
  • Impact of IC package design on EMI
  • Problems caused by poor connector pin assignment
  • Problems caused by improper I/O connector location
  • PDN design and decoupling for low, medium and high-layer PCBs
  • Proper PCB layout of switch mode power supplies
  • Ground planes- to split or NOT to split… that is the question
  • Board stack-ups that cause EMI and those that resolve noise and EMI
  • Problems with LCD displays
  • Setup of the I/O structure to prevent EMI
  • Proper shielding of I/O cables
  • Proper chassis design to prevent EMI